Annual Report 2023

June 23, 2024

After many years as a sole proprietorship, PikaLabs incorporated on January 24th, 2023, and became a BC Benefit Company on March 4, 2024. Broadly speaking, a BC Benefit Company is a for-profit company committed to conducting its business in a responsible and sustainable way and promotes one or more public benefits.

As a BC Benefit Company, we are required to publish an annual benefit report with an update on our benefit-related activities and an assessment using a third-party standard. For this first annual report, we have selected the B Impact Assessment as the third-party standard. We found this to be the assessment most aligned with our values, as well as the most recognized and accepted standard in the non-profit and social enterprise sectors of our clients. This assessment recognizes the current good we do, while giving us achievable goals for improving the impact we have for our employees, clients, and the broader communities we both serve.

In 2023, PikaLabs:

  1. Prioritized services for non-profit and social enterprise organizations. Nearly all our products and services were provided to non-profit and social enterprise organizations.
  2. Developed IT solutions and contributed to open-source projects with a public good focus. We continued with open-source contributions to broadcast software primarily used by community and Indigenous radio stations. We also worked on data management systems focused on streamlining non-profit operations (which included research into ethical AI use for this purpose).
  3. Provided employment services to underserved populations. Those with multiple marginalized identities or experiences make up PikaLabs' entire ownership and workforce.

PikaLabs begins its path to B Corp certification with a B Impact Assessment score of 69.7. Reflecting the above activities, most points came from the "workers" and "community" categories. This score is significantly better than an average for-profit business, but shy of the 80 points we need for official B Corp certification. We see a relatively straightforward path to 80 points and beyond by formalizing policies and improving our data tracking to reflect the ways we already operate in practice.

For any questions regarding this report or our impact, please email us at